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This section is used to handle news around the Meganizer - Media Organizer software.


Videohowto's für Meganizer - Media Organizer


This page contains all video resources related to Meganizer - Media Organizer. Those resources helps you to learn more about Meganizer and it's usage.

Manage Media

The first Video shows you how to add new media to Meganizer.

Meganizer - Makes media collections handy


Organized and handy music and book collections with Meganizer


Meganizer helps you to keep the overview over your music and book collections. You can insert music (CDs, songs) and books very fast and afterewards you get more than a handy media collection. You can also manage your wishes and present ideas. Therefore you won't forget any of your wishes or important ideas!

Improved Music- and Bookcollector Meganizer published

The first stable release of award-winning music- and bookcollector is now available

Berlin, 19. October 2010 – After the huge success of the release candidate, the first stable release of the music- and bookcollector Meganizer is available now. The quality is increased, which made collecting music and books even more reliable and handy.


Organized and handy media collections with Meganizer

Meganizer organizes books- and music collections of the whole family

Berlin, 10. September 2010 – Easy, Functional and Free – The new application Meganizer [migeneiser] keeps the overview over big book- and music collections. The new approach of Meganizer connects the management of existing media with the planning of new acquisitions without personal or physical borders. Meganizer can offer such features, because it is free software, multiuser capable and available for many common operating.

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