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Organized and handy media collections with Meganizer

Meganizer organizes books- and music collections of the whole family

Berlin, 10. September 2010 – Easy, Functional and Free – The new application Meganizer [migeneiser] keeps the overview over big book- and music collections. The new approach of Meganizer connects the management of existing media with the planning of new acquisitions without personal or physical borders. Meganizer can offer such features, because it is free software, multiuser capable and available for many common operating.

Beside the management of books- and music collections, based on the existing data, Meganizer offers many practical fucntions. So the loaning of medias is as well supported as the management of whishes. The possibility to organize ideas for presents completes the management of new acquisitions. Therefore Meganizer makes all these growing note collections full of whishes and present ideas unnecessary.

The whole family benefits from the multiuser and network capabilities of Meganizer to manage collections without personal or physical borders. This enables family members from other households to check whether a medium is already present at the family collection and therefore a new acquisition can be omitted. With the loan functions, the loan request can be started immediately within the application. Nevertheless you can decide, where your data is stored and who can access your data.

Free software and free choice of operating system satisfies personal preferences. Thanks to the licensing as free software, Meganizer can be used without any restrictions and costs. Under Meganizer can be downloaded for many common operating systems and platforms.

In the future Meganizer will be actively developed. Espacially the extension with new media types and an even more comfortable data management will be the focal points. But also cooperations with media providers are one goal, to integrate new interesting services within the software.

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